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Puppy Groups


Early socialisation & habituation is essential to the development of a well balanced and calm dog

Our Aim:- to ensure that owners who attend our classes are unlikely to return to us with behavioural problems when their dog is fully grown!

We also offer the Good Citizen Scheme Puppy Foundation Award

Our Policies

  • willing to take young puppies under controlled circumstances (see vaccination policy)
  • no more than 16 weeks old at start of course
  • no puppies where adult teeth have formed
  • class size ideally is a ratio of 4 puppies to 1 assistant
  • maximum number in class is 8
  • vaccination policy is based on the understanding that the benefits of allowing puppies to attend after first vaccinations outweigh the risks attached to poor early socialisation
  • we do not allow unvaccinated puppies or dogs to attend
  • we give clear guidance on when not to bring your puppy - illness, injury, etc.
  • training methods used ensure fun for puppies & owners
  • is reward based
  • no tolerance of harsh handling/intimidation or items such as choke collars/allowing puppies to become bullies

Owners will Learn about

  • how to behave in class, especially if children are present
  • health, diet, basic first aid & identifying common problems
  • teething, chewing
  • the importance of daily routines
  • house training
  • avoiding separation anxiety
  • collars, identification, cleanliness & duty of care
  • ideas for things to do outside of puppy class (especially for habituation)

Puppy Exercises

  • playing with owner / toys
  • meet & greet children & adults (men & women)
  • controlled off lead play with other puppies where appropriate and safe
  • on lead socialisation opportunities with different breeds & ages of dogs
  • handling experiences, simple eye, ear, paw etc. examination, grooming
  • scary things e.g - noises, everyday household objects, people in hats, etc
  • bite inhibition
  • basic command training - their name, come when called, focus on me, sit, down,
    stay & leave it
  • food manners, sharing articles with owner
  • crate games
  • simple tricks