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Lifeskills for Pet Dogs


The relationship between an owner and their dog is key to owning a well balanced and happy pet

Our Aim:- to ensure that owners who attend our classes enjoy sharing their lives with their dogs

Our Policies

  • class size ideally is a ratio of no more than 6 dogs to 1 assistant
  • we give clear guidance on when not to bring your dog - illness, injury, etc.
  • training methods used ensure fun for dogs & owners
  • is reward based
  • no tolerance of harsh handling / intimidation or items such as choke collars
  • dogs unable to cope in a class environment will be offered an alternative training opportunity to deal with specific problems

Owners will Learn about

  • how to create a strong and satisfying relationship with their dog
  • health, diet, basic first aid & identifying common problems
  • the importance of daily routines
  • avoiding problems such as learned fear response, separation anxiety & resource guarding
  • collars, identification, cleanliness, the law & duty of care
  • ideas for things to do outside of class (especially for improving socialisation)
  • the use of crates, head collars, etc.

Dog Exercises will include

  • playing with owner / toys
  • learning self control
  • meet & greet children & adults (men & women)
  • on lead socialisation opportunities with different breeds & ages of dogs
  • handling experiences, simple eye, ear, paw etc. examination, grooming
  • basic command training - come when called, focus on me, sit, down,
    stay & leave it, loose lead walking, etc.
  • food manners, sharing articles with owner
  • doorway etiquette
  • travel
  • simple tricks