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Finding the right Behavourist or Trainer

Dog Behaviour and Training is an industry. People earn money from it. And yet, unlike most other industries that work with members of the public and with the potential to do harm if done incorrectly - this industry is not regulated in any way. 

Anyone can set themselves up, call themselves whatever they like, and with the increased use of social media - make unsubstantiated claims about their background and abilities.

So how can you be sure you have found the right one for you and your dog? Well - it's not easy, but here is a list of essential things that everyone should check before seeking help from an individual. It won't give you all the answers, but it's a start

1. What insurance cover is in place, who with and does it cover public liability, personal injury or loss? ( If the answer is none - walk away )

2. If you are looking for a Behavourist - have they discussed vet referral and explained why it may be needed? (If not - walk away. There are legal implications for people who treat certain behavioural cases without veterinary consent)

3. What qualifications are in place, where and when was the training done 

4. Are they a member of a reputable association - such as CAPBT or APBT

5. What experience do they have / what methods do they use (Avoid anyone that uses positive punishment )

And finally, talk to them first - you will need to work as a partnership so it must be someone you can trust.

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